Carla Lavin

Initial Ideas

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I’m Carla, I’m one the artist who is taking part in the Chai in the city residency at Artcore. I have recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University in Fine Art. My current work explores our relationship to the natural world, primarily through sculptural installation. Process is important within my work. I source my own clay and use the wheel to create ambiguous vessels forms, which are left unfired meaning they have the potential to be returned back to their original state. I am interested in notions of time/duration, history, heritage, cultivation of land, and the use of raw materials, therefore I felt this residency was perfect for me.

At the opening of the Chai and the city event Artcore served Chai tea in the traditional terracotta Chai tea cups from India, When I began the residency my initial idea was to make my own version of the Indian Chai Tea Cups. I was interested in how these cups alone fired to a low temperature   disposable, and so I want my work to reflect this throw away nature in some way.

I decided to use this idea by breaking and disfiguring my Chai Tea cups, I began by throwing..

Then I reshaped them slightly after they had been thrown, and whilst they were still malleable. I wanted these warped forms to reflect how Indian cultures have be adopted by Britain, (for example drinking tea) and how it has been changed and adjusted in the process to creating an entirely new identity which is an amalgamation of the two.

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