Holly Kemp

Sunday Casting

By 27th August 2017 No Comments

With the residency being three weeks long, we have to make every minute count when it comes to making ceramics, as it is not a quick process! Therefore, a few of us have been working hard in the studio on this sunny Sunday!

My moulds are FINALLY dry which means I have been able to start casting today! I am using terracotta slip as I am making Chai cups, which are typically made out of red clay. Terracotta is a clay that I have never worked with before, so I thought this residency would be a great opportunity to try it for the first time.

It looks a little bit like melted chocolate, making it all the more appealing! Using a few strips of wood and some tape, I made a little DIY casting bench. When the excess slip is poured out, the mould needs to be kept upside down at a 45 degree angle, so that any extra clay will drip out of the cast. This is what the casting bench is used for.

Once all of the excess clay has dripped out and the cast has dried a little, I can then trim away the top and let it dry until it has shrunk enough to be taken out of the mould easily. Below are the cups that I have made today! I will be leaving these and the moulds to dry over bank holiday Monday, ready to sand the casts and start casting more again on Tuesday!


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