Jane Smith

Cupped Hands

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My first thought about tea is from a quote by George Orwell, the writter of Animal farm and 1984, this quote is from his essay published in the Evening Standard 1946. A Nice Cup of Tea, “First of all, one should use Indian or Ceylonese tea….”. I began to research tea itself cups in general, and found the beautiful terracotta Indian tea cups, used on the streets for tea, these little cups are used once and then thrown away into the street to be brushed up and re-used again, the art of recycling is not lost here. We are used in society to our plastic cups this is their verson, myself I prefer the first opition. This began my journey of discovery, I had been throwing Japanese tea bowls could I throw Indian tea bowls? And yes with a little change in throwing style I can, same principle off the hump one pot after another, the sense of calm and joy was wonderful. The concept of throwing porcelain making victorian style cups and joining one with the other was born.

Moulds have been made from an orginal thrown pot by myself and the slip casting began, press moulds began, bisque porcelain moulds began. The work has grown as the leaves of the tea bush grown steady and formed in the style only nature herself can create.

The next stage is after the bisque firing the enamling begins, with iconic images ie London Bridge, Big Ben, Lotus Flower, The Tasmahall the ideas are flowing and it is all so very exciting.

The concept is flowering, tea brings us together as a multicultural society any problem can be sloved with a, “Nice cup of tea”.

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