Since my last post when, I talk about my teapots, I manage to create another one. Sadly the spout broke but i am aiming to glue it on after firing.

Then, I started making a few ‘British’ cups, chai cups and tea plates. My goal is to have my Indian inspired tea pots surrender by cups with handles (British) and then a few chai cups around it. My teapots are mostly inspired by Indian architecture while my ‘British’ tea cups are inspired by femininity. They are all designed to look like flowers and possibly glaze with bright pale colors.
My chai cups have no handles and I want to create a lot of Indian designs on the outside with my designer liner.  I am still not sure if I want to glaze them or leave them plain. I am also planning to use some black oxide to my chai cups to make it look more traditional.

Chai cups

New tea cups with stoneware clay.

Trying new forms and techniques.

The reason I want them to look like flowers and aiming on femininity is because of the high rape attempts in Indian and UK. In India, Rape is the fourth most common crime against women, while in UK 27% of rape crisis are minority ethnics. There are 3000 rapes a week and 95% of those are females. I want to put a meaning on that. Since, drinking tea is considering such a peaceful activity.We us humans usually drink tea to celebrate something, relax or social interact with each other, while rape is such an awful act and totally the opposite. By inserting those two together it creates a paradox and endless possibilities to how people will perceive it.



Tea plates with stoneware

Trying different forms. I want them to look different than the usual tea plates. I was mostly inspired by some amazing tea plates I saw at Pickford’s house museum and at Stoke-on-trent museum. I also want them to look a little bit like blossom flowers.



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