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First day at Artcore

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Monday 21 of 2017.

The first day at Artcore was so challenging. Meeting the other artists was lovely and seeing the studio was so exciting! I started immediately working with my clay and coiling. At first, i was really stressful and couldn’t think clearly and that shows at my first pieces. I still like them but I could have created something better.

At first, i started working with my hands and create this flower tea cup.

Then I proceed to use the wheel for the first time. I was quite curious and wanted to explore it. With Clara’s help (artist at the project) was slightly successful. I wasn’t the best at it but still manage to create a few more flower tea cups.

The circles around the cup meant to represent the female chest. I did that because to me it represents a female side and its combine perfectly with my flower tea cup. We should not be ashamed of our female side and by showing our ‘boobs’ should not get us raped or killed. Rape is not about how we dress and boobs are there for feeding babies, not for someone’s sexuals thoughts. And this should stop.

Another flower cup on the wheel

Another flower cup. Not sure if I will use it in the end since it needed more work.



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