The second day was a bit stressful. I felt like I wasn’t doing very well but I still proceed to try and make some tea cups. I started with making something on a wheel again. By watching lot’s of youtube videos and reading a few books at the university of derby library made me more confident for sure. Of course, in reality, is way harder. Using the wheel needs a lot of training and free time. Something I lack right now. So, I decided to try and create some pieces and then carry on using the coiling technique.

On wheel:

Probably one of my favorite pieces so far! After I finished this piece on the wheel, I used my hands and insert ‘boobs’ on the chai cup and some traditional Indian symbols. I did that because I wanted to insert a feeling of feminity and positivity into the cup but also with an Indian style to it.


Not sure what I will use it for, but it does look cool and like a flower.


This one looks like a flower so I kept it. Thought I might make it as a lid, in a future teapot.


Chai tea cup: ‘I said NO!’.  

A no is a no, it does not mean maybe. It is a clear answer.


I don’t think I will use it in the exhibition. I am considering to fix it and use it as a little vase or candle holder.

Inspire by: Uterus Vase” made by The Plug and Stéphanie Rollin.

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