My Cup of Tea

Tea Party and Halloween Celebrations – 26 October 2017

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On Thursday 26th October we continued our creative programme Chai and the City with a cup of English Breakfast tea as part of My Cup of Tea, a heritage project which explores the traditions and customs associated with drinking tea in Britain. My Cup of Tea examines the subject of tea and the part it plays in British society and how its significance has evolved over the years. The project will involve various levels of engagement through community participation, historical exploration and artistic practice. There will be tea parties, research sessions, trips and oral history recordings. Executive Director Ruchita Shaikh Shah introduced the many local heritage events and research trips happening.

After this we enjoyed a delicious traditional British tea party in eclectic teapots and sandwich refreshments with new members of our community- it was great to see new faces here and we warmly welcome everyone to our building. Thank you to everyone involved in supporting these events, we really enjoy bringing the community together to share and celebrate in our diverse traditions.

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